Storyteller: Onagotay

Languages: Anishnaabemowin

About the story: Onagotay sings a song about the plants as medicine and reflects on the importance of passing on the language and culture.

Learn more: When a fluent speaker shares their digital story, learners have an opportunity to hear the beauty of the language. There are many dialects and regions that make each speakers’ voice unique. Each digital story that includes Indigenous language provides an opportunity for the audience to practice words and phrases. Listen to the digital stories and practice the words and phrases you hear. The subtitles will help you in your learning. In this activity, we can practice the language using phrases from Onagotay’s story.

Culture and Language Activities

Phrases from Onagotay’s Story

Learn a phrase: Deb joins Onagotay to teach us some Anishnaabe phrases from his digital story. Join in their call and response to practice. Be sure to say the phrases out loud!