The Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest invites you to engage in language revitalization with Dibajimowin: Urban Indigenous Languages Revitalization Project. The centerpiece of this website is a collection of thirty digital stories about culture and language made by community members. Each personal story shares insights into the barriers to language learning and cultural connection as well as the many ways we are resilient and relentless. For each story, we pulled out key themes to create new language learning resources such as vocabulary lessons, creative activities and cultural teachings. We have sorted the stories in different ways: by digital story, by language and by cultural teachings. Explore and Enjoy!

We relate to one another through stories. This collection provides many opportunities to learn from each other—about identity, language, culture, family, land and more.

There are language activities connected to the themes of each digital story.  We model many different language learning approaches such as games, songs, conversations, vocabulary and grammar lessons.

We provide further teachings on some of the ceremonies, historical moments and cultural issues shared in the digital stories.

The Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest runs events throughout the year. Check out Upcoming Events here!

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We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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We would also like to thank Community Story Strategies, for leading our language activity gathering workshops, helping us to create the digital stories and designing this website.
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