Mohawk Language Activities

Animals in Mohawk

Learn vocabulary: Learn animal words in Mohawk with this vocabulary lesson.

Count to 5 in Mohawk

Learning Strategy 2: Watch Count to 3 and Count to 5 and say the numbers out loud with the kids.

Nature Words in Mohawk

Learn vocabulary: Learn nature words in Mohawk with this vocabulary lesson.

Loving Words and Phrases in Mohawk

Learn phrases: Practice these loving words and phrases in Mohawk. You can incorporate into your daily life with friends and family.

Phrases from TJ’s Story

Learn a phrase: TJ and his great aunty Kate teach us some Mohawk phrases from his digital story. Join in their call and response to practice. Be sure to say the phrases out loud!

Words Before All Else in Mohawk

Cultural Teaching: Kate and Erica are from Tyendinega and share the Words Before All Else. The gratitude is expressed for our insect family, animal family, plant family, and ultimately, all of creation.

Skana Song

Creative Activity: Laura and her daughter sing us the Mohawk song Skana, which means peace.

Ihstha’ Song

Creative Activity: Practice this Mohawk song to learn the word Ihstha! A great language learning strategy is to create new lyrics with familiar tunes.  Ihstha creates a new Mohawk song using the tune of Skip to My Loo to help you remember.

Miigwetch Montage

Learn a word: There are 12 Indigenous language groups in Canada, made up of more than 65 distinct languages and dialects, including many sign languages. In this montage of language nest members, we learn how to say thank-you in many Indigenous languages. Which words are from the traditional territory you currently live on? Which words are connected to your family? Which ones do you want to learn?