Storyteller: Sandra

Languages: English and Mohawk

About the story: Sandra reflects on why being part of children’s lives matters to her.

Learn more: Sandra teaches us an important Mohawk word: Ihstha’ which means mother and it means aunty too, there is no difference. She shares a song that invites children to join their Ihstha’ as a creative way to learn the word. You can also learn more about the strawberry teachings she tells about in her story with cultural teachings from language nest members.

Culture and Language Activities

Ihstha’ Song

Creative Activity: Practice this Mohawk song to learn the word Ihstha! A great language learning strategy is to create new lyrics with familiar tunes.  Ihstha creates a new Mohawk song using the tune of Skip to My Loo to help you remember.

Strawberry Teaching

Cultural Teaching: The strawberry is a  women’s medicine that teachers us about creation, community and love. Join this sharing circle with language nest members to learn about many teachings and stories of the strawberry.