Storyteller: Judi

Languages: English and Algonquin

About the story: Judi shares how the drum helps her find her voice.

Learn more: Singing is a powerful way to connect to culture. Judi finds strength in joining a women’s singing group. Join us in learning the Strong Woman song. With roots in Kingston, this beloved song has been shared far and wide across Indigenous communities. We also hear from Fran Chaisson who shares the origin of the song. Hear more songs from Judi’s singing group, Sisters of the Drum:

Culture and Language Activities

To Sing in Ojibway

Learn Vocabulary: Learn the verb ‘to sing’ in Anishnaabemowin with this vocabulary lesson.

Strong Woman Song

Creative Activity: Learn the Strong Woman song with members of the Kingston Indigenous language nest.

Strong Woman Teaching

Cultural Teaching: Learn from Fran Chaisson about the Strong Woman song, a beloved song whose roots are connected to women from the Kingston Penitentiary.