Storyteller: Kate

Languages: English

About the story: Kate recounts how learning about another culture helped her connect to her own.

Learn more: In Kate’s story, she shares how she begins to connect with her Mohawk culture.  One thing she does early on is put up the Words Before All Else on her wall to see each day. In it, we give thanks for everything that make our lives possible, from the insects to the animals, to all of creation. In this cultural teaching, we hear short versions of the words before all else (in Mohawk then in English); the long version can take three days!

Culture and Language Activities

Words Before All Else in Mohawk

Cultural Teaching: Kate and Erica are from Tyendinega and share the Words Before All Else. The gratitude is expressed for our insect family, animal family, plant family, and ultimately, all of creation.

Words Before All Else in English

Cultural Teaching: Kate shares the Words Before All Else in English.