Storyteller: Shannon

Languages: English and OjiCree

About the story: Shannon reflects on how understanding her names taught her languages of respect and humour.

Learn more: Shannon’s story shares the importance of naming, and the teachings that your name can bring you over your life. One place we may share our name is in our traditional introductions. In Shannon’s story, as with many of the digitals stories, the storyteller begins with a traditional intro. The cultural teaching that accompanies Shannon’s story brings us language nest members who share what their intros mean to them.

Culture and Language Activities

“What is your name?” in Ojibway

Learn Phrases: Listen to a conversation and learn how to ask someone what their name is, and answer back when they ask you what your name is.

Traditional Introductions

Cultural Teaching: Lynda, Justin and Kate share their traditional intros with us, and what they mean to them in their lives.