Storyteller: Michelle

Languages: English

About the story: Michelle considers how words have the power to hurt, and the power to heal.

Learn more: In Michelle’s image, we see hurting words below and healing words above, in many different Indigenous languages. She shares how understanding the emotional power of words has helped her healing journey. In these activities you can practice learning emotion words in Cree and Anishnaabemowin as well as important phrases about self-care and care for others. We can also remember these phrases through song. We translate an old favourite song by Mister Rogers, I will take care of you. He reminds us that care between adults and children goes both ways.

Culture and Language Activities

Emotion Words in Cree

Learn vocabulary: Learn emotion words in Cree with this vocabulary lesson.

“Do you take care of yourself?”

Advanced Conversation: In this Anishnaabemowin dialogue, friends share caring phrases, both for each other and themselves.

Giganawenimin Song

Creative Activity: Practice these caring phrases in Anishnaabemowin, translated from Mister Rogers’ song, “I will take care of you.”